Writing, blogging and everything in between I have many things that occupy my time. I work two jobs in the summer; one in retail and the other I help manage a business my husband and I own. Since we live in Michigan and we wash windows, business is quite slow in the winter, so that is the time I get caught up on the bookwork before the season becomes full-blown once again.<br /> <br /> I've been at the retail location going on twelve years. I stay there because they offer benefits, insurance, paid vacations, things like that.<br /> <br /> I'd like to spend more time studying the Bible. I have several things I've been researching for many years.<br /> <br /> I also am hoping to become more versatile in my writing endeavors. I've been a member of writing.com since 2007, I have articles on ehow.com, squidoo.com, associatedcontent and videojugpages.com.<br /> <br /> I also have a blog on writing.com and one on improving the quality of your life on blogspot which currently highlights several of our suggestions for cleaning a home.<br /> <br /> I have some biblical teachings posted at <a href="http://www.marshamusselman.yolasite.com">www.marshamusselman.yolasite.com</a> .<br /> <br /> Unfortunately, since I have so many things going on, I find that I do not keep up with all of my blogs, nor do I have the time needed to do what I really want to do.<br /> <br /> My hope is that once my writing gets underway that I can quit one of my jobs and do more writing to supplement the income lost from the job.

Marsha Musselman

My goal is to write Christian fiction and non-fiction. For now I'm doing what I can to get established as a writer.

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