Typepad as a platform and studying willing heart. Typepad is an interesting platform to utilize to blog on. One actually does their blog on the dashboard portion of the page, as the blog shows what has been written, but doesn't have a place for the author to make any comments, unless they are commenting on their own blog, or another's comments - I suppose.<br /> <br /> I need to find myself a picture for this blog, I'm sure it'll be nicer looking than the green abstract currently in place, lol, even though green is my favorite color.<br /> <br /> One of the things I want to study is the Greek word prothumous (?). It is generally used in the Bible of having a willing heart.<br /> <br /> In order to walk in the steps of Jesus Christ, and be ready to be mindful of God's inner voice, it takes a willing heart. In the Gospels, when Jesus was twelve years old and his parents could not find him, he told them it was time to be about his Father's business.<br /> <br /> Jesus certainly is our example of having a willing heart to serve our Father in this day and time.<br /> <br /> I've taken a look at the word using E-sword, which is a free program for studying God's word. It has it's limitations, though, or maybe I just don't know all the variables for using the program. I can save a study, but it's hard to bring what I've saved back up to work some more. I don't currently have enough room on my computer to have a different program like Bibleworks.<br /> <br /> Looks like I'll have to get out the physical concordance to do my studying with. I may share some here, or you may need to go to my yolasite account to see what I've worked on. If the latter, I'll mention it here so you know when to look, if interested that is.

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My goal is to write Christian fiction and non-fiction. For now I'm doing what I can to get established as a writer.

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